skinbeauty“I was born with very high melanin in my body. My skin tends to get dark very easily. What made things worse was that I had a full face of pimples during my high school time. After taking Shaklee Skin Beauty Set, I have fairer and smoother skin now. NO SCARS, NOT EASILY TANNED and FINER PORES!!!” said Kelly.

KellySkin Beauty

antiaging“ All I want is to be the best version of myself. I want to feel young, energetic and passionate. I know if I don’t start to take care, soon enough I will need to rely on others to take care of me. You wouldn’t believe me if I said my current age is 58 years old. I really thank Shaklee products for making me feel young again.”

– Anniecia, 58 years old –

Anniecia, 58 years old
Anniecia, 58 years oldAnti-Aging


Uncle Pasar versus Usahawan Kacak! Jessnor from Johor has slimmed down from 120kg to 83kg!! Awesome~~~!

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